“Fear no god but God” "A Call for Salvation"
"Worship music, Poetry, More Music, Preaching”
“2 Programs of a Call to Salvation-"5 Fold Teaching"
“Full armor of God” “General Programs-Our Walk”
"No End to the Eternal Kingdom of God” 2nd Program
"Complete Christian Man". “Children Short Stories"
Christian Poetry” 2nd Program
"Law Vs. Grace"
Another look at the Deity of Jesus Christ”
“Interview with Jayen Daniel” Living Waters
“New Testament read” Other Teaching Program
“Describing the enemy’s fall” 2nd Program
"New Testament read” Various Chapters
"Warning to the Churches of God via Revelation”
"Various programs including Worship Music”
"What it means to be seated in Heavenly Places”
"The Reproach of Jesus Christ” Other Programs
"Not a Greater Prophet than John the Baptist”
"Thou shalt not Covet” Parts 1 and 2
"Prayer for the Burden of Damascus”
"The Fall of our Once Christian Nation”
“The many benefits of the Cross”
"A Worship Music Program” “The Christian Response”
"The Apostles Creed Program” “Godly Sorrow to Repentance”
"Inwardly we love God, outwardly we still sin”
“Norwegian Woman’s Prophecy-2 others Glynda
"What is the meaning of “Lord & Savior”
"The Biblical Wars of Israel are unfolding”
"The First of all the Commandments is” Love
"The Complete Christian Man-Continued”
"Prayer” Non Exhaustive
"Worship Music” "Let Him know You Love Him"
"Abusive Marriages-Should She Depart” Glynda
"Love Vs Judgment" with Glynda Lomax
Perspective on Christian Marriages” 2nd Program
"For What Purpose did Jesus Come to Earth”
"Be Ye Reconciled unto God”
"Forsaking Rome-Ongoing-Prays to Saints-Mary"
"Open your eyes to America’s Filthiness”
"Faith in Jesus” Statements of Faith
"Forsaking Rome” Ongoing-Priesthood-Celibacy
"Jesus was Prophesied of old”
"Calvinist Vs Armenians”
"Christian Poetry” “Christian Unity”
"Once Saved Always Saved Vs Conditional”
"Repentance” Part 2
"Forsaking Rome-Catholic Vs Protestant”
"Judging Spiritually vs Judging Carnally”
"To be touched by sin-How does it feel”
"Discovering Jesus” “Giving”
“Root of all evil” “Worship Music”
"Our Fidelity-loyalty to God” Shofar Call
"The Devices of the Devil” 4 Other Programs
"Worship Music Program”
“Lion of Zion Visions” Rosie Lovejoy
"Are you OK with God?”
"Embolden your faith-Know that you are saved”
“Another Look at Defining Biblical Sin”
“Worldwide Oppression Against Christians”
"Nuggets from the Parables” What's Lost is Recovered"
"Only One God” With Worship Music
"Free Will or Free Choice” Independent of God
"Jesus-The Law Giver-The Commandment Giver”
"We are in the time of the End”
3 "Evangelical Messages"
"We Bow Down-Worship Song"-With Preaching
"Evangelical Message” a little scratchy
“Worship Song in Program"-Mack Price & Rachel Bragdon
“Ezekiel 44-Lessons for the Church”
Multiple Programs-One with worship music”
“Will you have this MAN to rule over You?” Plus Other Programs
“How Have We Rewarded God?”
Another Glynda Lomax Interview plus-Other Prophetic Msgs
“How Strong is our Faith Vs.Bible Characters”
"A Worship Music Program for Missionaries”
“Music Worship Program” plus ministry words
Interview w/Glynda Lomax 3rd & 4th Programs
“The Complete Christian Man-Continued”
“Interview Glynda Lomax" Plus 4 other Programs
Examining Biblical Characters” Moses & Daniel
"Psalm 2”
"The affects” When you leave the Word of God
“Seeking God’s Peace-God’s Way”
Examining the Biblical Character "Jacob"
"Repentance” Part 1
"The Synagogue of Satan"-The Movie House
"Rearing our Children in Morality”
"What if I were given a Do Over”
"Evergreen to God” Deep roots in God
"You must choose the Rule of God’s Law”
“A Warning from me to Hollywood & NY”
"DIE-Departure into Eternity”
"Living in the Testament” Law vs NT Living“
"God is our “Hiding Place” Worship Songs Program
"The Thirteenth Apostle and the Sacred Quill”
"His Preeminence"
The Persecuted of the Bible and us also”
“The Complete Christian Man” ongoing study
Conclusion of "Prayer" Teaching
Conclusion of The Wilderness Companion
Glynda Lomax Interview
Reading the Scriptures-starting with Genesis
"Weeping & Mourning in America” Glynda Lomax
Worship Music of Destiny Christian Center
Part 1
Worship Music of Destiny Christian Center
Part 2
“A Call for Salvation”
Church Vs Children of Israel-"Are We Any Better?
An Evangelical Call-to Salvation”
Plus "A Communion Prayer”
“Truth Vs. Facts”
"Reviewing Christian Doctrine Vs Mormonism”
“Principles of Judgment”
"Blessed be Our Rock”
"Is God a part of your life-or is God your life?”
"How Strongly do you believe in Him-His Word”
"The Responsibilities of God’s Ministers”
"Looking at the Tabernacle Old & New"
"Behavior of Men who are priests of the home”
"Some Facets of Prayer"
"The Law of God in the New Testament”
"Rewards and Righteousness”
"The secrets of men’s hearts will be judged”
"No voice is without significance”
"What is Kingdom of Heaven like?”
"Jesus is God’s only way”
"Boasting in God’s Mercy”
"Reading most of the Book of Revelation to you”
“Set your affections above” Plus 4 Others
"Scripture reading-Prophetic Words spoken”
"The True Blessings of God”
June 6th unknown Year
"Watch for His Coming”
3 Programs including Worship Music
4 Program Lessons, Poetry, Short Stories, Music
"Building our faith on the WORD OF GOD"
"Contemplating our thoughts on the Death Bed”
“The Idolatry of the Roman Catholic Mary”
"Covetousness, Idolatry and Christian Giving”
"The Depth of Communion-The Lord’s Table"
“7 Attributes of Jesus”
"Examining Psalm 23”
“You must be Born Again”
“God’s Mercy And the Mercy Seat”
"Part 4 Ongoing Study of the Godhead-Divinity"
"Part 3 Ongoing Study of the Godhead-Divinity"
"Part 2 Ongoing Study of the Godhead-Divinity"
"Part 1 Ongoing Study of the Godhead-Divinity"
“The Love of Money" 1st Timothy 6 Ezekiel 28
“Pondering the purpose of the Cross"
"The Broken Woman of Luke 7"
“Who is our Head-The Government or God?”
“Our Hope: The Resurrection of our Body”
"Sanctification and Consecration"
"Reading Christian Poetry with Greg Millhorn"
“Remembering the Terror Victims + Christian Poetry
"Repenting of our National Sins"
"How we should conduct our Church Services"
Roman Catholicism Vs Protestantism Pt 4
Roman Catholicism Vs Protestantism Pt 3
Roman Catholicism Vs Protestantism Pt 2
Roman Catholicism Vs Protestantism Pt 1
"What is it that we Hope For?"
"Are we obeying the Lord"